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The Ludovico technique... on the Wii!
A New Clockwork Orange - Made from Concentrate

On the Japanese version of the Nintendo Wii, there is a video-on-demand channel that's good for a laugh or lifted eyebrow now and then. When I came home from work today, I decided to subject myself to whatever happened to be on it.

Einstein explaining that today's experiment is about the special move of the honeybee.

The channel is formatted like a simulated Japanese-style home, and your character (or Mii) is just hanging out there, walking around, watching TV, or falling asleep or whatever, and random people keep ringing the doorbell, demanding to show you strange videos. Today, for some reason, a Mii version of Albert Einstein shows himself in and tells about his latest experiment -- the honeybee and its special technique of brutally assaulting a wasp! After the viewer consents to the video, a five-or-so-minute long video of insect-on-insect murder rolls, as an exhibition of bug war unfolds.

"Honeybees vs. Wasp" the video proudly announces.

So it begins. I could almost hear a helpless wasp voice emerge from the buzzing ball of bees summon accusingly, "Hey thanks for clicking that Wii-mote and ratifying my on-screen peril! Oh, no need to help me... I'll be fine." In that sort of Mythbusters way, they use beakers and thermographic cameras to give the look of a science show, but at the end of the day it's like, yay, bee fight.

Bizarre and hilarious experience. Just letting y'all know what the Japanese are doing while you're watching American Idol.

Posted in Thoughts on 2009-09-03 04:54:00.
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