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Experiment with DAZ3D
3D entree with a side of creepypasta
My first attempt at using DAZ3D, with the Brekel Kinect 3D.

Love Is A Bee's Nest
...and every feminist winces
It's a crack-tastic music video of a little girl at the brink of neurotic rapture, in the wake of modern candy-coated gender identity and social obligation.

Gift Seeker
Coming to a theater near insanity
This is the kind of movie I would make, if left to my own devices.

Link to the Past - Dark World theme
Performed on the Fantom XR
I just got a couple of expansion cards on my synth and needed a test work to try them out together! Here is my arrangement of a video game theme, performed by me using that synthesizer. Enjoy!

The Gentle Art of Motel 6
Learning where the first 5 motels went wrong
A little peek into that traveler's lodging paradise known as Motel 6.

Camera Switching
Back To You
Ever saw TV programs that like to change the camera angles a lot, even when they're showing the same person? "Well, we wasted all this money on seven cameras; I guess we have to use them all."

'S Wonderful!
This is what karaoke is REALLY for
Journey to the center of a brain made of candy, and bear witness to the mental cavities within. Jim Henson and George Gershwin would both be proud, but they're too busy rolling their eyes.

The Haircut
Hair Portal Though Time & Space Department
The joys of being able to command your hair at the snap of a finger. What will they think of next? What won't they because it's too stupid?

New Recording Booth
2009-05-10 18:45:00
The Mootbird studio upgrades! Now with a new isolation booth, I can record more acoustic adventures, without having people down the hall exclaim, "who let that howling monkey in here?" or, "did somebody just set off a bomb in a kitchen appliance warehouse?"

An Introduction to Music
Music: a lifetime study, a forever tapestry

What is music, and what does it do to you?

The World of Chroma-Key
The Screen Is Always Greener Department
The wondrous world of chromakey, a place where you can be instantly matted into every conceivable location, from London, to Paris, to a diagram of the United States' current weather, complete with icons of suns, clouds, lines, and numbers. Go on fantastic quests, without ever leaving the comfort of your insanity.

Music Studio: A Brief Tour
Jerk-faced Tours, LLC
Join me in a lovely trip through my music studio. I bet you can't wait, though perhaps you should.