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One Man's Life
A Poetic Injustice

There once was a man
who learned to speak Spanish.
His voice was so raspy,
his accent outlandish,

At night he'd go walking
To go to the store,
To get some blue pickles
And cola... and more.

"Well, hi there, Ms. Williams"
He'd say, "how d'ya do?"
"I'm doing quite well, Mel,"
"well, hell... how are you!"

"I'm doing well also,"
Mel says with a smile,
And he wandered the beverage
aisle for a while.

"You know something, Mel?" she said,
"Tofu is yummy!"
"I know!" Mel replied, "it's just
great for one's tummy."

"Well have a good evening,
And don't catch a fever,"
Bid night owl Mel Wellman,
As he set out to leave her.

Mel waved to her casually,
She did likewise,
Then back to her work she went,
Frying some fries.

Mel opened the door at home,
Kicked off his shoes,
Sat in his La-Z-Boy,
Watching the news.

He flipped on the lamp
but the switch was corroded,
and just then the whole world
spontaneously exploded.

It all goes to show you: you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your nose's friends.

Posted in Thoughts on 2007-12-31 00:00:00.
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