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Experiment with DAZ3D
3D entree with a side of creepypasta

My first attempt at using DAZ3D and Brekel Kinect 3D.

DAZ3D is a plain-Jane 3D rendering software, and there is a lot that it can't do, and lots that I didn't want to waste time doing with it. At a certain point, it kept crashing when attempting to render, and I thought my project file was destroyed. DAZ3D decided it didn't want to keep the video and audio synced, so after 14 hours of rendering this low resolution clip, I had the extra post-production step of lowering the video track speed to 99% with the audio at 100%, probably having something to do with 30fps vs. drop-frame. A low cost 3D solution it is, and I will probably keep using it.

Brekel is simple and very good at what it does, especially for what it costs. I was expecting the worst, and Brekel was a one-take wonder, perfect sync on both the full body and face track recordings. But as you will notice, the Kinect is not quite there when it comes to recording hands and fingers. Ew.

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Posted in Music/Video on 2015-01-02 06:58:00.
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