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Welcome to the Mootbird! I am a music theorist and composer, multimedia creator, software and electronics engineer, radio enthusiast, and aviator. I like to learn languages and play games. Philosophy is pretty neat, too. Curious about lots of stuff.

Cats Are Incredible
We all know our feline friends are something else. Let us sing a fantastical song about how far their reputation proceeds them.

Taking the Bus to Horsieland
When 2020 is insane, change your destination
Are you 3D? Ever wanted to escape to a perfect world? Of course those things. Horsieland is the perfect getaway.

Begin Mission
Series teaser trailer
Begin Mission is a video series that I am hoping to work on in the future. Here is a concept piece that I produced to try out the viability of the production.

Texas Instuments TI-99/4A video series
I am working on an informational video series at Newline99 about using a home computer from the early 80's, the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.

The Amazing JazzBall
Alas, more noises
Chocolate Chip finds a mysterious object at a show.

Bunny Dance Remix
Shake yo' bunny like ya just don't care
When the needle drops, Chip shows up on the dance floor in this new music video, Bunny Dance Remix.

Love Is A Bee's Nest
Media and the untimely death of feminism
It's a crack-tastic music video of a little girl at the brink of neurotic rapture, in the wake of modern candy-coated gender identity and social obligation.

The Chocolate Chip Show, Episode #1
Chocolate Chip attends an impromptu music recital in a swamp.

Rhythm of Nature
Earth, Wind, and Fur
A curious lagomorph finds a mysterious object on the forest floor. Mother Nature is one bad mother.

Link to the Past - Dark World theme
Performed on the Fantom XR
I got a couple of expansion cards on my Fantom XR synth and needed a test work to try them out together. Here is my arrangement of a video game theme, performed by me using that synthesizer.