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Installing Windows Updates
Technical Retort Department

Let us contemplate the following curiosity:

Here is a window asking you what to do. If you were nice/dumb enough to allow Windows to install updates today but weren't nice/dumb enough to allow the update to restart your computer, you've probably seen this box come up dozens of times already since then. Probably every five minutes since then. Each time, there are two buttons you may press. The first button says "Restart Now", which translates: "Stop everything you're doing, save any changes you made -- or don't, like I care -- close all 21 windows you have open, including sessioned browser windows that you had set up exactly how you like, and maybe go take a leisure walk to the store while your computer restarts;" meanwhile, the second button says "Restart Later", which translates: "You putz, I'll pester you every few seconds until you press the first button. How's about taking that walk, eh? Who's your daddy!" You will go home tonight feeling you pulled a knife at a gunfight. 'Asking you what to do,' indeed.

I propose they add a third button that says "STFU already u dum ho-bag". Even if it doesn't do any more than the second button, it gives you the liberty of emotional protest. That's all I've got for now. Sorry I don't have anything more mature than that. Later, tater.

Posted in Thoughts on 2007-12-31 00:00:00.
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