The Four Tiers of Advertisement (Thoughts) What is American advertising? Where is it going? Don't know. Experiment with DAZ3D (Music/Video) My first attempt at using DAZ3D, with the Brekel Kinect 3D. The Amazing JazzBall (The Chocolate Chip Show) Chocolate Chip finds a mysterious object at a show. Bunny Dance Remix (The Chocolate Chip Show) When the needle drops, Chip shows up on the dance floor in this new music video, Bunny Dance Remix. Love Is A Bee's Nest (Music/Video) It's a crack-tastic music video of a little girl at the brink of neurotic rapture, in the wake of modern candy-coated gender identity and social obligation. Clarinet (The Chocolate Chip Show) Chocolate Chip attends an impromptu music recital in a swamp. Gift Seeker (Music/Video) This is the kind of movie I would make, if left to my own devices. Ocarina 3D and The Enemy That Likes You (Thoughts) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. You like it, it likes you. Now in creepy tube form. Rhythm of Nature (Animation) A curious lagomorph finds a mysterious object on the forest floor. Mother Nature is one bad mother. Link to the Past - Dark World theme (Music/Video) I just got a couple of expansion cards on my synth and needed a test work to try them out together! Here is my arrangement of a video game theme, performed by me using that synthesizer. Enjoy! The Gentle Art of Motel 6 (Music/Video) A little peek into that traveler's lodging paradise known as Motel 6. Camera Switching (Music/Video) Ever saw TV programs that like to change the camera angles a lot, even when they're showing the same person? "Well, we wasted all this money on seven cameras; I guess we have to use them all." 'S Wonderful! (Music/Video) Journey to the center of a brain made of candy, and bear witness to the mental cavities within. Jim Henson and George Gershwin would both be proud, but they're too busy rolling their eyes. How to Buy a House (Thoughts) Ever tried to buy a house? Here are the Mootbird tricks of the trade. Houston Japan Festival 2010 (Thoughts) <span>2010 was the first year I was able to attend the Japan Festival in Houston, TX, one of the largest festivals of Japanese culture in the United States, held at beautiful Hermann Park.</span> The Ludovico technique... on the Wii! (Thoughts) Find out what a nation of people are doing as you slumber thousands of miles away. Maybe <i>you're</i> the one on the remote island. The Haircut (Music/Video) The joys of being able to command your hair at the snap of a finger. What will they think of next? What won't they because it's too stupid? New Recording Booth (Music/Video) The Mootbird studio upgrades! Now with a new isolation booth, I can record more acoustic adventures, without having people down the hall exclaim, "who let that howling monkey in here?" or, "did somebody just set off a bomb in a kitchen appliance warehouse?" An Introduction to Music (Music/Video) <p>What is music, and what does it do to you? </p> The World of Chroma-Key (Music/Video) The wondrous world of chromakey, a place where you can be instantly matted into every conceivable location, from London, to Paris, to a diagram of the United States' current weather, complete with icons of suns, clouds, lines, and numbers. Go on fantastic quests, without ever leaving the comfort of... Jim White, Financial Rabbit (Thoughts) A rabbit's got something to say about the economic meltdown. Music Studio: A Brief Tour (Music/Video) Join me in a lovely trip through my music studio. I bet you can't wait, though perhaps you should. A goal-oriented outing (Thoughts) I, action hero, spring to duty to rescue my fellow man in a race against time and smell. The Whatchamacallit (Animation) Sentient, stackable blocks are a menace to robotic society. Details at eleven. Dweet (Animation) This site's first little 8-bit adventure... gone awry. It's not my fault. Somebody must have bumped the power supply. Air Show (Animation) You're just relaxing apathetically at the breakfast table, when all of a sudden your personal airspace has been transgressed. I hope you're happy now. Pyrotechnics (Animation) This ain't your Uncle Charlie's firecrackers, no! This is a full-scale, class 5 pyrotechnics display... in a flash animation, yes. Say, where's Uncle Charlie when you need him, eh? The little... Joke Machine (Animation) Get your quarter ready for the one-of-a-kind, fantabulastic joke machine! Don't you wish these things actually existed in our society? Well, if wishes were fishes, then... um, wishes would swim around and have gills and all that... stuff... =P~ Stars and Other Crap (Thoughts) Here we go... One Man's Life (Thoughts) Something fishy going on (Thoughts) Fast food is too fast for the market, enlists market into new concept. The Toybox (Animation) Such Flash features as the Finch Cover Band and everybody's favorite child actor and three-letter epithet known as Dog, started in 1993, here again in a hideous comeback. As if there weren't already enough crap here. An ATM on Pluto? Can it be?! (Thoughts) Expanding the horizons of a lucrative electronic funds industry. About (About Mootbird) <!-- <img src="" align=right /> --> <p><strong>Welcome to the Mootbird!</strong> Your host is Geoff. I am a musician and composer of synthesized music, creator of multimedia, confuser of cats. I am a so... Super Deluxe Pianoman-o-rama (Animation) Throw a fundraiser, entertain guests... hell, even entertain yourself once in a while! You dirty little cretin, I wasn't talking about that. =P The Jem Song! (Animation) What could we possibly do to our favorite 80's cartoons that they haven't already done to themselves? So, so much, it'll make you want to lose your lunch. Installing Windows Updates (Thoughts) Taking back control over your computer, one pixel at a time. Suggestions for more productive computing, mercilessly unheeded. Once Epona Time... (Thoughts) Destruction of your beloved games ensue, and don't you want to know what you did to deserve this?