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Rhythm of Nature
Earth, Wind, and Fur
A curious lagomorph finds a mysterious object on the forest floor. Mother Nature is one bad mother.

The Whatchamacallit
Not the candy, but pretty darn junky
Sentient, stackable blocks are a menace to robotic society. Details at eleven.

Pathetic Pixelated Stuff
This site's first little 8-bit adventure... gone awry. It's not my fault. Somebody must have bumped the power supply.

Air Show
Fools' Flight of Fancy
You're just relaxing apathetically at the breakfast table, when all of a sudden your personal airspace has been transgressed. I hope you're happy now.

Pop goes the cracker, 'cuz the cracker goes pop
This ain't your Uncle Charlie's firecrackers, no! This is a full-scale, class 5 pyrotechnics display... in a flash animation, yes. Say, where's Uncle Charlie when you need him, eh? The little...

Joke Machine
8 years' work at the Hyuk-hyuk Research Center
Get your quarter ready for the one-of-a-kind, fantabulastic joke machine! Don't you wish these things actually existed in our society? Well, if wishes were fishes, then... um, wishes would swim around and have gills and all that... stuff... =P~

The Toybox
Various Scary Things
Such Flash features as the Finch Cover Band and everybody's favorite child actor and three-letter epithet known as Dog, started in 1993, here again in a hideous comeback. As if there weren't already enough crap here.

Super Deluxe Pianoman-o-rama
Moosic! Voila
Throw a fundraiser, entertain guests... hell, even entertain yourself once in a while! You dirty little cretin, I wasn't talking about that. =P

The Jem Song!
Moosic! Voila
What could we possibly do to our favorite 80's cartoons that they haven't already done to themselves? So, so much, it'll make you want to lose your lunch.