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 About Mootbird

The FAQ containing all the Q's that nobody F'ing A'ed about

Welcome to the Mootbird! Your host is Geoff. I am a musician and composer of synthesized music, creator of multimedia, confuser of cats. I am a software developer, and you'd think that I would use my talents for good, but no. I also like language and philosophy, but you won't see those being used properly either. Welcome to the demon's playground.

Some people stop growing and thinking once they get to a certain stage in their life. They settle into their life and end their curiosity. That's just kids' stuff, right? Some never emerge from their safe shell again, to find out what could have been. Some obsess over quoting other people, overlooking the seed of wisdom they may have in their own heart that may one day be quotable. And when a cat meows, they never meow back at it. That's okay, because the cat thinks they're stuck up anyway.

And so it's all here -- music, animation, games, funny programming, stories, tongue-twisters... even BACKGROUND COLORS INVOLVING HEX VALUES!!