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A goal-oriented outing
You've Got Your Chocolate in my Peanut-Head Department

One fine Thursday, I planned a special lunch break.  I got in my car, drove to a very quiet Office Depot, and wandered the aisles for about 25 minutes.  Then I proceeded up to the checkout behind two customers, and stood there patiently, holding nothing, until the customers had been served.  I walked up to the cashier and asked plainly and sincerely, "where are the typewriter supplies?"  The guy paused for but a millisecond, then bared his pearly teeth to let out a huge belly laugh.  "No sir, we don't have anything like that!" he confessed amused, as I laughed with him and exited the store.  I left and drove back to work, knowing that I really brightened someone's day a whole lot.

Typewriter ribbon, one day... just one day... I will find you.

And now, a weird place for you to enjoy:

Posted in Thoughts on 2008-03-05 18:56:43.
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